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Dental Exams: A Thorough Guide to Why They Matter

As we go about our busy lives, oral health often takes a backseat until we face aches, pains, or emergencies. However, consistent and careful oral hygiene maintenance is paramount, and regular dental exams form a crucial part of this routine. Dr. Joshua Frandsen and his team at Horizon Dental are devoted to providing comprehensive care…

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General Dentistry at Horizon Dental

One of the most crucial aspects of optimal oral health care is getting regular general dentistry services. Our Taylorsville general dentistry focuses on diagnosing and preventing oral diseases and maintaining good oral hygiene by performing regular cleanings and check-ups. At Horizon Dental, we offer our patients a wide range of general dentistry services in a…

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When You Need an Emergency Dentist, We’re Here for You

Looking for a Taylorsville emergency dentist? At Horizon Dental, we are committed to providing patients with a comfortable and safe atmosphere. We’ve designed our new Taylorsville dental office to make every visit as easy and stress-free as possible, even if you need emergency dentistry services. We use up-to-date equipment to ensure optimal care for each…

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Orthodontist Taylorsville Utah

We offer various services to make dental care convenient for families, including orthodontics. Our orthodontic services can give every family member the straight teeth they’ve always wanted – and our team is dedicated to ensuring you have a positive experience at every step. Come to Horizon Dental if you have been searching for an orthodontist…