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Restorative Dentistry

Restoring the appearance and function of your tooth after it has been damaged is possible through the restorative dentistry services we offer here at Horizon Dental. When looking to restore your smile, we evaluate your goals, wants, and needs and work with you to develop a detailed and customized treatment plan. If you have existing dental problems that have not been treated, please keep reading to learn more about the treatments we offer and how they will restore your teeth. 


Most Commonly Performed Restorative Dentistry Procedures

This branch of dental care solely focuses on strengthening or replacing damaged teeth. Although our restorative procedures offer beautiful artificial results, the main goal is to improve oral health. We offer several versatile methods at Horizon Dental, including: 


The most common restorative procedure performed in our office is a dental filling. When we diagnose a cavity in your tooth, a filling procedure removes decay and saves the tooth. Once the decay is removed, the tooth is cleaned and filled with tooth-colored composite resin. The filling material is durable. 


Dental Implants 

An implant is a titanium rod used to stabilize different restorative materials or pieces to replace missing teeth. The restorative materials that implants support are dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures. When using a dental implant to hold a tooth restoration, the piece becomes permanent. Implants help patients restore smiles and improve their overall oral health. When teeth go missing, the jawbone loses the necessary stimulation through chewing. Implants act as the tooth’s new root, maintaining bone health. 


Dental Crowns & Bridges 

An original dental crown is a tooth cap designed to strengthen a natural tooth after it has experienced significant decay. Implant-supported crowns are entire artificial tooth cover used to replace single missing teeth. Dental bridges restore one or more adjacent teeth to restore full function. 



We offer a complete smile makeover through dentures for patients missing most of their teeth or whose natural teeth aren’t stable. Dentures consist of two rows of artificial gums and teeth that suction onto the ridge of the gums for stabilization. We work closely with you to create your personalized dentures. 


Maintaining Oral Health 

At Horizon Dental, we offer preventative treatments such as dental cleanings, exams, fluoride, and sealants to help minimize the risk of dental issues from arising. To maintain your oral health, it is essential that you practice at-home oral care, and you receive two professional cleanings each year. Although we do all we can to avoid needed restorative work, you may need to benefit from our services. 

Many patients may be curious why they need to restore their tooth or smile after a tooth has become infected or lost. Whether you need a filling or a dental implant, restoring your tooth will promote overall oral health and prevent other teeth from suffering. 


Come in for a Consultation

For more extensive restorative dentistry such as dental implants and dentures, you will need to meet with us to discuss a good candidate. At Horizon Dental, we want all of our patients to have a healthy smile that will last them a lifetime. If you have any concerns regarding your teeth or would like to learn more about the options available to you, please call us. We are currently accepting new patients in the area who need a new dental home.