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Dental Fillings

Toothache got you down? We can help you save that tooth and eliminate that pain. Our dental fillings can be a quick, effective, comfortable solution to restoring and preventing tooth decay. Dr. Frandsen and the Horizon Dental team are experienced in providing healthy teeth and big, beautiful smiles.


Dental Fillings Are Part of Our Comprehensive Taylorsville Dental Care

Horizon Dental is here to take care of all your dental needs, so you can focus on the things that matter most in life. From teeth cleanings and exams to dental fillings and more, we’ll help you achieve optimal oral health.


What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a treatment used to restore a tooth damaged by decay. The goal of a filling is to carefully remove the decayed material and prevent further damage to the tooth.

Fillings can be made from various materials, including gold, silver amalgam, and tooth-colored composite resin. Composite resin is the most popular type of filling because it is less visible than other materials, and we can match the color of your natural teeth.


What is the Process for Getting a Dental Filling?

The first step in getting a dental filling is to have your tooth examined and diagnosed by Dr. Frandsen. If a filling is the best treatment option, he will carefully numb the area around your tooth with local anesthesia. Next, he will use a drill or laser to remove the decayed tooth material with precision and expertise.

Once we remove the decay, the area will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for your filling. If you are getting a composite resin filling, Dr. Frandsen will match the color of the filling to your natural teeth. The filling will then be carefully placed in the cavity and hardened with a special light.

The whole appointment should only take about an hour. You will be able to leave the office with a restored tooth and a beautiful smile.


How Much Do Dental Fillings Cost?

Dental fillings are typically a very affordable dental solution. The dental filling cost will depend on the filling you choose and the cavity size that needs to be filled. We’ll provide upfront estimates during your free consultation, so there’s no worry about being surprised when the bill comes.

We also work with most insurance groups. No insurance? No problem. Talk to us about our payment plan option for affordable, accessible, quality dentistry.


What Are the Benefits of Getting a Dental Filling?

There are many benefits of getting a dental filling, including:

  • Relief from tooth pain: A dental filling can quickly and effectively eliminate tooth pain caused by decay.
  • Prevention of further tooth damage: Fillings can help prevent further damage to the tooth by sealing off the cavity and preventing bacteria from entering.
  • Enhanced appearance: Composite resin fillings can be matched perfectly to the color of your natural teeth and smile, so they are virtually invisible. This can help to improve the overall appearance of your smile.


Who Needs Dental Fillings?

In addition to repairing tooth decay or cavities, we can use dental fillings to improve cracked or chipped teeth. If you have a tooth that is damaged or decayed, ask us if a dental filling might be the solution.


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You don’t have to live with tooth pain – we can help you get the relief you need. Horizon Dental offers fast, effective dental fillings procedures that will make you feel better in no time. Our high-quality materials will make sure your tooth looks and feels just like it did before.

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