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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry consists of various dental treatments that help you fight off decay. Excellent oral health care can reduce the risk of decay and dental issues. At Horizon Dental, we offer our patients many preventative treatments to take advantage of. Please keep reading to learn how important preventive dentistry is for your oral health. 

Although it is essential, brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day alone is not enough to prevent decay. We encourage all of our patients to participate in preventative care treatments. 


Cleanings and Exams 

The American Dental Association recommends that each person visits the dentist for a professional, deep cleaning and complete dental examination twice a year. At these cleanings, a hygienist will start by removing any build-up of plaque and food that might be sticking to your teeth. We then use a high-powered rubber toothbrush to clean and polish your teeth with toothpaste. Once cleaned thoroughly, we will floss to remove any leftover food from the spaces between your teeth. 

Our dental professionals are trained to catch even the smallest amount of decay on a tooth’s surface. After your teeth have been cleaned and polished, our dentist will look at each tooth, examining them for possible cavities. If cavities are spotted, we will suggest restorative treatment.

Not only are dental cleanings and exams needed to prevent decay from occurring, but they will also help it from spreading if it already exists. Having issues diagnosed early on will prevent it from causing significant problems needing substantial repairs. 


Fluoride Treatment 

Fluoride is a natural mineral that has been found to, once consumed, strengthen tooth enamel. The outer layer of our teeth, the enamel, can have an easier chance of withstanding decay with fluoride treatments. Our fluoride treatment consists of a fluoride varnish painted on the teeth in our office. Patients can eat, drink, and go about life. As usual, we ask that you wait to brush your teeth after your dental appointment to ensure the fluoride sticks. A minimal amount of fluoride can also be found in toothpaste, mouthwashes, and even water. 


Dental Sealants 

Our teeth’s occlusal (chewing) surfaces are at the highest risk of developing decay due to their constant contact with food and their deep pits and fissures. A dental sealant is somewhat of a coat for the molars to wear to protect food and plaque from getting stuck in the tooth. Sealant material is a transparent composite spread into the pits and fissures in liquid form and then hardened by a curing light. 


Stop Problems Before They Begin

Doing what you can to stop dental problems from starting won’t only save you from spending a lot of time and money on restorative care, but you will have an overall healthier smile. The spread of decay can happen quickly, so we encourage you to do all that you can at home and keep up with your routine preventative dentistry appointments so we can help you catch the problems right away. 

If you are due for a routine cleaning and exam, please call our office, Horizon Dental. We are passionate about helping each patient keep their natural teeth healthy and beautiful by preventing dental problems from occurring as often as possible. 

Have questions about how you can prevent decay? Give us a call, or the next time you’re in for an appointment, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our team members for information. We look forward to seeing you and helping you fight off tooth decay.